Superfast Broadband Service
- up to 400 Mb/s

Bretton Hall has its own very fast broadband network which is available to all tenants – at significantly better terms than most ISP’s.

It uses the FibreSpeed information highway that runs across North Wales and into the main UK and European fibre networks. Pricing is benchmarked against London and the Southeast to ensure competitive pricing competition.

Our superfast broadband service gives access to large amounts of bandwidth with synchronous speeds (upload and download), plus optional services including VoIP, leased firewall, fail-over backup and added security. You can have uncontended speeds up to 400 Mb/s, if desired - more than a match for speeds available at most other offices in the area.

It's ready to go as soon as you move in - and it's scalable, easily adapting to your changing business needs. There's on-site support if you need it, available as desk-top or in-person.


Keeping ahead

We know how vital telecoms are for modern businesses, so we’ve always offered good telecoms services. Local line speeds on the BT network are inadequate, and so in 2008 we installed a bonded ADSL network that significantly improved bandwidth availability.

We upgraded this in 2010, as we recognised that businesses need ever increasing bandwidth, for many reasons – cloud computing, greater application complexity and increased use of mobile and remote working.

We have continued to invest in this service, which now features fibre connections across the whole site - so that every unit is ready to go as soon as you move in.

We remain committed to providing top-quality telecoms connectivity for all our tenants.

Up to 400 Mb/s available

We have future-proofed Bretton Hall by linking to FibreSpeed. We offer a suite of services tailored to the needs of individual businesses, with all these features:

  • 24/7 support delivered on-site and remotely
  • zero contention ratios - you always get what you've paid for
  • bespoke bandwidth packages
  • VoIP telephone services
  • high-security firewall (Layer 7)
  • fail-over back-up service
  • video conferencing
  • cloud services
  • short-notice connection
  • no long contract tie-in

We believe our service is superior to the broadband packages available in most other leased office spaces in the area.

Ask about broadband when choosing an office

Surprisingly, surveys show that many businesses don't ask about the broadband service available when choosing office space – many only discover the limitations after they move in, when it’s too late to do anything. Don’t make this mistake.

Broadband connectivity is one of the most important factors affecting business efficiency. That's why Bretton Estates will continue to invest in broadband provision for all our tenants.

How it works

The system works like this:

  • Very wide bandwidth is pumped into the site via a secure microwave link to the FibreSpeed network at Hawarden
  • Bandwidth is distributed across the site via fibre links from a central managed switching centre
  • Tenants access the service via a router in their own offices (router provided as part of the service)
  • Option of bare-wire supply to your firewall or managed firewall (leased service spreading costs)
  • Additional services include IP telephony, cloud, video conferencing

Zero contention ratios

Broadband speeds drop when different users are trying to use the same service (the so-called 'contention ratio'). With our service, you always get what you pay for - you're the only user on your service. There isn't a company next door sending or receiving huge files that clog up the lines, you don't have to worry about a thousand kids logging onto socnets at 4pm every day - it's always there and it always works. 

Bretton Hall Offices operate and maintain the system, via our telecoms partners, up to and including the tenant’s router. It is fully-backed by maintenance cover, with a helpline for tenants. Tenants simply pay a fixed monthly fee in return for access. There are no lengthy minimum contracts (after an initial 6-month period).

Tenants can, of course, elect to use their own internet service provider - broadband provision contracts are completely separate from the main office space lease agreements. However, we think you’ll agree that our broadband service is ahead of the pack – and is one of the main reasons you’ll want to come to Bretton Hall.